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Tigray TV - Miss Tigray (Weyzeret Tigray)

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Miss Tigray (Weyzeret Tigray)

Miss Tigray


Tags: Miss Tigray

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  • Gebrelibanos tekel Added hulum mimegnachew ye tigray wub setoch
  • aau & mu Added you are different not only your structure also your mind is pretty exelent! & you are luky cause you are briliant student of adiss ababa univesity! we hope ethiopia will have nice,pretty,exelent&cute civil engineer after some years. we love u so much to selam(shire)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ETH Added hey the ugly obese kid below, how dare could you open your dirty mouth to these beautiful girls ? don't ever assume they are just girls like those in your neighborhood, they are TIGERS, thus their identity is TIGRIAN.
  • temtem Added @YOYO let's see what you look like yhene ko melkish bitay Kezi legetafo fit chilfa ras yehonsh neger nesh fes
  • WerkawitHaben Added @yoyo, I can understand you are *** Amara foolish which you have inferior complexity!
  • yoyo Added anedeme dena meleke yalewe yeleme metata becha new
  • Feyori Banned Added Wow gual Agame/Adigrat shikore!!!! she is the winner:)
  • Raya girl Added The girl from Humera and the girl from Axum are soooooooooo cute
  • ben Added Hey Dagnew Mersha... whatever your name is why all this curse and insults for Koki?. By the way she didn't say 'MACHID EGER" she said "MAMASEYA EGER". May be your wife has a " MACHID EGER" yedekemik neger neh brother.
  • Dagnew Mersha. Added Koko ante yebanda zer Ahya, don't you know Tigre women are the most beautiful in Ethiopia, andthat many miss Ethiopia's are thus from Tigray? I'm ormo and Menzie, but I chose to marry one beautiful lady from Tigray, ahya yebanda lij can't have a chance in front of Tigre ladies. *** you son of bitch, machid egrr are your moma and sister. I hate zeregnas!