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Temesgen Tafesse - Temelesh [New! Ethiopian Song]

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Singer: Temesgen Tafesse Re-Arrangement: Express BandMelody & Lyrics: Tefera Negash Original Singer: Tefera Negash The original singer of this music is "Tefera Negash", who is also the owner of the melody & lyrics of the music as well, & the original music composition belongs to the legends "Roha Band".This music is done again with the permission of the former singer "Tefera Negash"



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  • Temesgen Added ለምን description አታነቡም ቅድሚያ before you comment? He has the permission from the owner of the music.ማውራት እንጂ ምስማት የማይውድ ሁላ
  • qelqala Added ebetu new yalew
  • chaltu Added Where is Tefera Negash now?
  • Fikir Ende Krar Added Oldies music belong to old school. Unless you mix them with Hip Hop & Rap (to make them contemporary), they pretty much sound like outdated music regardless of rearrangement. True artists are measured by their creativity.
  • honey Added ename single albume awotalhuge ,yea bzonashene bekele
  • frdd Added wtf is this
  • ere wuuuuuuuuuu Added mindinew ehe copy eko sew abelashe...... mindinew ehe generation addis neger mefter akome eko...... OMG just addis neger mesmat new yenafeken lol shame on u all d new singers...... specially enezih copy eyaregu emizefnut .... ene milew and tiyake alegn.. yarekachewal gin yesewin zefen zefnew??????
  • lin Added muzikawe konjo new gin copy copy copy siselech
  • west awake Added ayezo ayezo bekereb geza emetalew.
  • Ab Added u have nice voice why u don't have ur on music why copy it is not nice

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