Teddy Afro - Performing Jah Yastesereyal with Wild Crowd at Ghion Hotel - Wede Fikir Concert


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Performing Jah Yastesereyal with Wild Crowd at Ghion Hotel -  Wede Fikir Concert

Teddy Afro
Teddy Afro Music Videos
Performing, Jah Yastesereyal, at Ghion Hotel, Wede Fikir Concert

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  • sami

    even thuogh i love him ,he donesn't know anything about history.does he really know who was haile selassie. was it really monarchism was good for all ethiopians people. do u really know aha he did to gojjam people.do u really what did on muslims.he was accumulating ethiopins tax payer money for his personal interest.cmon man haile selassie was worst than meles.what the *** u think about it kings. kings doesn't *** about the poor majority ethiopian people.now u sing for him and u try to be nationalism.u r not nationalist but ur monarchist.

  • solomon

    teddy have nice talent in music not in politics...so y he talk about politics....he dont know to who insult not de government he insult all tigriyans & ethiopians for those give there life to freedom by straggling 17 years ...shame on him

  • Amel

    He is trying to get some attention from extremist Diasporas for his upcoming concert in America and Canada. It is all about money. It won’t be too long before he ends up migrating to DC and becoming Lemange like Tamange.

  • Kuma Demeksa

    This song tells everything about our EPRDF. Long live tedyyy!!!

  • Addis

    The relatives of the person who he killed in a hit and run accident are coming after him. He will be thrown in prison for good this time.