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Sheger FM - Full Interview with Teddy Afro - Part 1

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Sheger FM
Full Interview with Teddy Afro



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  • hiwe Added Hi Teddy it doesn't matter where she came from as long as you are happy,if she is really from Eritrea oooooo you are blessed because we never cheats our partners oooo my lord blessed you.I'm telling you.The rest off you get lost don't get jealous.
  • Haylisha man yazewal Added best song video
  • yena Added Rubbish Azmari
  • ayalew Added በእንተርኔት ቀጥታ ስርጭት አልሰራም አለኝ የተለየ ሲስተም የምጠቀሙው መንገድ ካለ ጠቁሙኝ፡፡
    በተረፈ ፕሮግራማችሁን በራድዮ በጣም ነው የምከታተለው በርቱ ወዲፊት ተጓዙ...............
  • Scottish Ann Added BLESSED JAH AFRO!!!
  • lacomenza Added he is realy amazing person,teddy afro our hero,we love u teddy ever,we expect more from u,good bless u and ethiopia
  • Teddy Added Ante kistet neh lemalet ye Ethiopian yemusiqa ediget end lelochu betelym end Bob Marley annd ermija bicha sayhon bealemlay manim sew sisemaw this is Ethiopian music teblo like melkachinin ayto absha endminblalw muziqawimn semto ye Ethiopia masbal sitichil new.
  • LUSI Added you Eritrean people, you Ethiopian people , we do not know Eritrea , as we know you r Ethiopian , why you blame each other.hence it will be better to join to ethiopia
    we American isolated you becouse our aid was use and dump , we don't want long term relationship but benift , God bless Jime Carter
  • Gude Added እባካቹህ ስውች, ስው የፍለገዉን ያድርግ ,ጥሩ ማስብ ማንን ይጎዳል!ፕሊሰ የይሁኒ በላይ ዚማ እኒ ከውደድኩአት ዝንጀሮም ትሁን ....በርግጥ ቲዲ/አምልስት/ ናቸው ማለቲ አደለም .....ኢት/አርትራ አንድ ነን::የአምለካከት ችግር ..........!!!
  • kassa Added most of u guys are siting the back of the computer insulted people and ethnics it shows that your suffering by ethnic illness,please don't judge people by their ethnic otherwise u will get the response from others.WAKE UP GUYS

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