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SewLeSew - New Drama Season 2 Episode 6 - Part 32

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New Drama Season 2 Episode 6

Part 32



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  • love eihopa Added this is the best
  • Alex ባህር ዳር Added ከሰው ለሰው ድራማ ውስጥ ህይወት የሰጠው አስናቀ መሆኑ አያጠራጥርም። አስናቀ ስለትወናህ ከልብ አደንቅሃለሁ በርታ።
  • deme merara Added አበበ ባልቻ ታዋከ ነው ገነ ፈታረው በከለ የታለ

    now abebe balcha is well known actor,say something
    about Bekele his creator...first othelo drama
  • merhawi Added what is 2day?? how could i wait for next week??
  • Lalebela Added I can't wait until next week to see what's going to hapen to ato asnake.
  • mukera Added derom ye ayet erucha keaf eske afencha alu yahulu fukera derashu tefeto ayete mesele kkkkkkkkkkkk wey asnake , well done you are the best one in this drama . well done
  • fikir Added it is realy *** drama ASnake must wakeup again....
  • chucu Added lovert what a hell ya talking about its not for Eritrean its 4us ya better leave this site ***o!!!
  • Ethiopiawit Added @sankara, this is not WWW.MATCH.COM, lol who do u talking to by the way?
  • kebede Added አሪፍ ነው