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SewLeSew - New Drama Season 2 Episode 21 - Part 47

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New Drama Season 2 Episode 21 - Part 47



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  • bravo Added commenter's use your brains, your only here to watch whats with the negative comments , you are becoming the drama itself typical habesha learn from watching the drama you all have something in common with it
  • desalegn from J U Added frezer is z best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • me either, pissed off Added dear authors, pleas try to make this shit real or just leave it to the authors of GEMENA!!!!!
    and for ya all dambasses please don't be an idiot when you comment. comment for the author
  • pissed off Added this shit is the lamest most gayest thing i ever seen and ya asnake (god father wanna be) please keep it real your ass live in ethiopia you are not marlon brando you pussy and by the way moges is much bigger than kurabachew , so ass holes this will be my last episode ciao bedatamoch ETV SUCKS ALL DAY bunch of faggs
  • Toronto, where i do it BIG Added Betam no ehey drama mewahdo... Asnake ahoun eye deberkegne meta... Your evil i get it try something new :P gen ahounem ewud de halo... Cant wait till NEXT WEEK! missed you sosi in this one:( I LOVE SEW LE SEW!
  • @ AV556 Added IT IS TRUE
    what you said AV556 . it is a big lesson. those who can harm our life have accese to enter in our private life,whlie like Mesfin ppl they donot know what is going on inside their owe family.
  • AV556 Added Abigail, Moges could change his T-shirt right after he escorted Mahilet. You can imagine his body temp while he was with Mehilet. I love the characters.They all born to fit this Drama. Mahilet is a good wife but , Mesfin doesn't deserve being behind the bar while Asnake gets free access to Mesfin's family thru Mahilet. This is should be a lesson to our sister.
  • Abbigal Added Hold on: I remember once upon a time watching a film whereby the actor was clean-shaven when he entered a room but with beard when leaving the room. Have u seen the T-shirt of Moges: when he was escorting Mahilet he was wearing Dedication, and when the Mastermind Asnake came in wearing Richmond! Lack of attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • firdaweke am Added ሚነው እናትሚን ቢያሂል ቢቲችሀኪንተንደዚ ታሥኢባለችሂ ወይ??
  • joshua Added asnake is the best actor i've ever seen among ethiopian drama doer