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SewLeSew - New Drama Season 2 Episode 18 - Part 44

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Sorry, The Next Episode of SewLesew Part 44 will be available next week.



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  • Helen Added You all are so damn retarded and ***ed up racists. That's why your country is poor because people like you are small minded. Why dont you guys feed the people who starve in your country insted of writting some bullshit in here. Grow up people!!! leflafiwoch...
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  • MM Added You can see ***.net sew lesewu part 45. They post early guys.
  • mike Added crab
  • Sewe Added @ Proud Ethiopian- something ***ing Tedros decendent whatever,you don"t even know what u talking.Guys like you are brain cancer for the society, ppl are waiting for the drama and u are making another drama about Eritreans,language and understanding.Who the *** r u? You need to learn a life skill.By the way what the heck is "decendent"? Go *** your self asshole!!!
  • alina Added SEW LE SEW WE WAIT U
  • Sexy girl Added please please come on sewlesew ..yeee hellow all of you ethiopian please pray pray to the Lord . why sewlesew isn't comming also today. i will dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me toilet soft and i will kill my self
  • Mammo Added I am so sorry what happen...........
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