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SewLeSew - Drama Season 3 Part 72

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Drama Season 3 Part 72



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  • weldemhret aregay Added the most entertaining series drama that i have never ever seen in ETV.
  • love Added eyastela new... betam abezut
  • COMITU Added ፖሊሶቹ ማስፍራራት ብቻ ነው ድርጊት ፍጠሩ እንጂ
  • KIDANE BIRARA Added እኔ እንኩዋን በጣም ደስ ብሎኛል.ማለት ተስማምቶኛል.
  • MOT Added @dallas ante shefada!
  • Mebratu Added Asnake Betam new dramawin Yassamerikew!!!
  • conda Added Asnake is the best actor ever... period!
  • Abe. Added I just wanna give some advise for the little girl 11, years old her name is miriam, who likes hanna's characterizing and she wrote on this page that she likes to have some advise to be an actor's. well miriam keep it up your interesting what you like to be, but as your age i recommended to you that do not watch this kind of drama.i don't know why your parents let u to watch this u are just a baby
  • Mesaydadi Added Wow bertu tenkiru..AYE ROSA TELAHUSH!!
  • Nani Added part-72 is the best part of Sewlesew Drama