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SewLeSew - Drama Season 3 Part 59

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Drama Season 3 Part 59

The Latest Episode from SewleSew



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  • Eyosias Added በጣም አሪፍ ድራማ ነው:: እኔና ቤተሰቤ ወደነዋል:: ነገር ግን ማስታወኪያ በዛ::
  • Tamrat Feleke Banned Added ሰው ለሰው ምርጥ ድራማ
  • Roger Troutman Added A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
  • mekonen Added sew lesewu doing good job its realy atractive, i like it.
  • malu Added malu miskyn asnaken lemebekel asebech,,,, almaweksh moges bet stgebi yanesash casette eju lay mehonun bawekshhhh eyandandesh 2 samnt fenechesh ahun gizew ye asnake nw he is recoverd from his sickensssssss yihe drama realy yimestal luv all actress emmmppppuuuuaaaaaaaaa
  • Meles forever Added OMG Mulualem what a nice acting? U CRYS AND LAUGHS AT THE SAME TIME... But barichn lihid tolo limeles sitilewina Kasetun sitay yelebesechiw libis ayigenagnim. . .Where is the director??? Big mistake . . .don't do it again PLZ. . .Mulualem is nice . . .
  • enew Added ምናለ ናርዶስ በደንብ በረኪናውን ብትጥጣ ኖሮ. በጣም ነው የምታናድደው
  • pet Added Trust me Kurabachew will tell the situations to Inspector and Mhelet will be in trouble
  • oooops Added Mahlet is a bitch… I know Kura has the copy.
  • bj Added its really intersting i cant wait the next part ....