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SewLeSew - Drama Season 3 Episode 79 - Part 79

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Drama Season 3 Episode 79 - Part 79




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  • Endesiw Added i watch ethiopian movie a lot, always the ending makes me sad, u need to show the realty need to came out, the realty save innocent people i need to see the end in this way hope averybody agree with my idea i sent this coment for the drasiw amsignalu
  • awwel Added አስኔ ዋው በታም ያምራር
  • abi bekele Added በታም ቀሽት ነው!!!!!!!
  • mamita Added wey gud yesosi tarik eko ewnetegna new yegodegnaye latamnugn tchlalachuh godegnaye ljun alaswotachewum meknyatum yebalwa godegna leg new eswa kalaswotachew ena moges gar dgami bigenagnu ewunet derasiwu byawukat godegnayen eswuan tarick stafewu el neber wey goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
  • dawit Added ante woyane yewdem beleh yesafkew ashebari, please come back to your senses.....we have enough hate in this world, we don't want u to be additional one.....you have to much hate in u, woyane is feeding your family, creating jobs, educating your brothers and sisters. i am amhara don't think i am tigre for a second but i love anyone who stands for the right and ETHIOPIA.
  • seble Added so funny hani and mogse
  • azeb Added አረፍ ድራም
  • woyane Yewodem Added ESAT Radio Daily Broadcast to Ethiopia.
    Frequency Details:
    7 days a week
    Short Wave (SW)
    from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Local Ethiopian Time)
    19 Meter Band
    15355 kHz, 15360 kHz, 15365 kHz, 15370 kHz, 15380 kHz, 15385 kHz and 15390 kHz
  • helen Added ebakachu Bruk ena Medi yemibalutin and neger adrgu Dramaw benesu mikinyat mastelat jemrwal
  • freweyni Added ሶሲ ምነው ቀናሽ ትዳር ማድረግሽ ረሳሽው እንዴ የነ ብሩክ ነገር ግን ደራሲው ተኝተሃል