Semonun Addis - Summer camp for Ethiopian Kids for the First time in Ethiopia


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Robel Asfaw, a 13-year-old, grade 7 student, has had a tougher academic year than at any time before and wants something that could ease his mind.

He had a promise from his extremely busy father who travels almost every week to the fields that he and his little sister would travel to some place that would give them relief after having performed well in their final exams they took at the end of the semester. However, their father hasn’t returned yet. Both Robel and his younger sister aren’t waiting for their father to come and take them far away. As usual, they are rather waiting for his approval, whether he could allow them to enter summer camps. “We heard of it from friends who have been to such places before,” he says.

Apparently, the local trend among students during summer is hanging out at cafés and some recreational spots. However, such trends are not welcomed by many parents since they fear that their kids are said to have been in disastrous conditions while strolling in the city observing a lot of wrongs and even evil deeds.

In almost all schools in Addis, there is a half day class that would help the students to engage in the introductory parts of the up-coming level ahead and to maintain the gap while they are away from the school that creates a possible obstacle not to get into the mood easily when they come back again. read more
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  • tsion negussie

    i am very proud of and appriciate u. i want to contact u but i don't have ur address, please send to me ur addres

  • Advice

    Please make sure no pervert is in the midst so no kids get abused. There should be a protection and close security.

  • efrem

    Very good idea!! Africa is a place for opportunities. a strict control over child safety and competent staff training needs to be put into places. and for those who can not afford it you need to think about giving them affordable opportunities for them too.

  • boston

    that is good i like it .but i don't here about safety.police working with you ?


    wow that is nice