Seifu on EBS: Interview with Singer Selamawit Yohannes

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EP 26 Seifu on EBS: Interview with Singer Selamawit Yohannes

Selamawit Yohannes, a younger singer of Amharic and Tigrigna music, is becoming one of the most recently emerging top musicians. Her music Tigrigna music titled “Senay” especially makes her number one with more than seven million and eight hundred thousand viewers on You Tube.

“Bel Jalo” is her another single with more than six million and three hundred and thousand viewers.

“Milash” and “Nafkot” co-performed with Fikremariam Gebru are the other songs, which gave her much popularity.

Born in Welkayit Tegedie in Amhara region, she comes to Addis Ababa while she was seven. She was raised by her grandfather, a Priest. She told Seifu that her grandfather raised her thought her spiritual knowledge.

Requested by Seifu Fantahun what’s behind her popularity, she replied, “That’s the will of God".

Being liked and admired by many is a blessing, she says. About lovey-dovey affairs, she admitted that she has no love relationship with anyone, no boyfriend at this moment.

She finally thanked all those who had many who have a role in her success.

Along with her Comedian Betty Wanos, a former member of “Wanosoch” along with another comedian.

As part of the entertainment in the interview, Seifu played a game by saying “I haven’t done that before” and “Yes, I did that before”. Most of the answers to the questions were the former.

Modern Ethiopian music has come a long way since its inception during the 1950s. This text provides an overview of popular music in the East African nation.

Traditionally, the music of Ethiopia was a reflection of all the historical and social episodes, such as the military campaigns that various warlords or chiefs had to launch. The music is about war as well as patriotism, songs of victory, songs that incite support for an absolute crusade.

The music is also about love, with wonderful melodies and poetic lyrics. The spirituality of Ethiopians is expressed in the form of music. All these types of tunes and melodies are prepared and performed using various traditional instruments.

Nowadays, popular musicians such as Teddy Afro has been using music to preach about love, praise former kings for their contribution to the Ethiopian unity and love among people.

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