Press TV - Africa Today - The history of power struggle in Ogaden - Part 2

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The history of power struggle in Ogaden - Part 2

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  • tigi

    i just want to know who the F*** is Lewis

  • Dilla

    live ethiopia alone.God belss ethiopia.

  • Ato

    Why do u hate china. Did china enslaved Africa and African people for hundreds of years. Did they call u Africa the dark region? Did they call blacks are subhuman? Did they call African baboons? did they insult the true leader of Africa? Did they kill true African leaders like Lumumba and did they kill and exploit Africans people for hundred years like the colonialist ur masters? Now in our time colonialist are using deranged Africans like those we see on this video fabricating human rights abuse and ethnic abuse pitting Africans against each other ultimately to destabilize the millions Africans to subject them to perpetual legacy of depravation and strife. They want their masters to dance in Africa with their military power continuing the exploitation of Africa. This colonialist and their puppets are like a letch they will never live Africa, our part to stop them from criminalizing Africa and its fine leaders.

  • One Ethiopia

    What a biased and shameful journalism!

  • Ethioforever

    Press t.v is owned by iranian gov.