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MUST SEE! - Protestant Vs Ethiopian Orthodox - Full 2 Hours [Part 2]

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This is the second part of the sibket that I uploaded recently, please listen carefully.



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  • TESFIT Added ፓስተር ዳዊት ራስህን ተሳስተህ የምስኪኖችን ልብ በተሳሳተ ትምህርት አታሳስታቸው . ምን አለበት ኦርቶድክስ ቤተክርስትያን አባቶች ጠይከህ ብትማር ምን አለበት . ምን ለማለት ፈልገህ ነው ? ከ ድንግል ማርያም ይልቅ እነን ላማልዳቹህ ማለትህ ይሁን? እዝጋብሄር ይቕር ይቤልሕ
  • Truly in Jesus Added krstose bemeder sale seletetela ename bekerestose senehone anwededem so its hobbies to be disliked by those who r not in Jesus. Hater-ate is not allowed on our life manual 'Bible'!
    I Love you Paster Dawit! You are the son of Jesus & TB Joshua for Ethiopia! let the grease & blessing up on you from Heaven!
  • Eldan Added ሰፈር ውስጥ የሚቀመጥ ወመኔ የነበረ ነው ዛሬ ፖስተር ነኝ እያለ ያጭበረብራል እዛው ተከታዮችህን ይዘክ ሲኦል ግባ እኛ እንደው በአንተ የዳቢሎስ አንደበት የምን ሸበር አይደለንም ሰይጣን...
  • dessie worku Added all protestants said that ,jesus is mediater but the fact is not it b/c if you read the bible tin ermias 7:15 ,it says god (አብ) is mediater and rome 8:26 ,holly sprit is medaiter and when you come to rome 8:34 juses is medaiter in this context who will take measurment on us accordingly? think over!
  • VIVA ORTHODOX Added Pastor Dawit be aganint hayl yeminkesakes ebid new yemimeslew. Betam tekulala. Siyastela siyawera enkuan sirat yelelew durye ebid new
  • samba Added You are all fighting on something that doesn't exist. Ethiopians living 14th century Catholic in Rome vs. Constantinople.
  • bizu Added እናንተ ፔንቴዎች አማላጃችሀ እየሱስ ነው ለፍርድ ሲመጣ ምን ይውጣችሁ ይሆን ያኔ አማልደን ልትሉ ነው ወይሰ ይቅር በለን ልትሉ ነው ፡፡ የመዳን ቀን ዛሬ ነው ጊዜ አላችሁ
  • tesema Added if you have not a real understanding of the Holly bible you are following devil not Christ. here to judge the pastor you have to have a good understanding of the Bible, Jesus is the God of all human beings so belive in him to get the reality of the Bible.
    Jesus is the only way to get Heaven. ask me about him through my address.
    I believe GOD could show u his only way, Jesus christ
  • yegeta lij Added why is everybody commenting as we Orthodox dont believe in Jesus?? yea it is really and definitely true dat he is d lord n d only one we worship.but...........but we also need to kneel and respect his mother st.mery and other saints. dat is because we respect dem!!!praise god!!!!!1
  • Ayiiiiiiiiiii Added Orthodox doesn't have truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ This orthodox organization brought curse to my land and nothing else. Orthodox is not built on Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God it's root is in Russia mixed with Judaism tradition for those in Ethiopia. Leave us alone we need pastors like Dawit to tell you the truth accept or choose hell period.

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