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MUST SEE! - Protestant Vs Ethiopian Orthodox - Full 2 Hours [Part 1]

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  • tsegsho Added I am orthodox forever
  • pente hogalew Added ድነት በሌላ በማንም የለም በየሱስ ብቻ የሃዋሪያት ስራ ም 4;12 ብሎ ያልሰበከ ክርስቲያን አይደለም , ያገር ህዝብ ሁሉ አስተወል የድነት ምንገድ እሩቅ አይደለም ተራራ አትባትት ቁልቅል አትውረድ ,የእዳችንን ስሁፍ ጌታ ደምስሶታል እሱን ዪዞ እርፍ ነው; ራሱ ምንገድ እና እውነት ሂይወት እንደሆነ እና በርሱ በከር ወደአብ ምድረስ እንደማንችል ተናግሮአል!!!!!! አስተውሉ ድነት በየሱስ ቢቻ ነው !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lala Added weyneeee menafikan siyasazinu endzi new paster dawit yemichohbachew esu erasu eko setan edyazew new yemichohew lenegeru diyabilos ensu lay eko siltan alew edfelege yichawetbachewal.....
  • big correction Added JESUS IS NOT WHITE MAN
    i am not protestant but i have some reservation about discussion about Jesus picture. i do believe humans try to humanize Jesus BUT I DON'T THINK HE IS WHITE AND BEAUTIFUL AS A BIBLE STATED. SO JESUS DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE WHICH ALL WE HAVE IN OUR HOUSE!!!!!!
  • senait nigatu /sedamo/leku Added I'm proud of mihirteab you are such intelligent open minded such humble the right person to shut that *** big mouth you are our hero please give for this poor guy little bible words to change his narrow mind he may change his life some day please keep your great job I'm proud of orthodox true way to get god .
  • senait nigatu /sedamo/leku Added @ M.dawit first of all who are you to criticize orthodox ? you don't even know how to talk ....like home les /godana adedeg nagger/ am proud of my orthodox but if you are in true way that's your business you don't have any prospectus im so sad for my sis. and bro. they follow your fake or nonsense words just make your dollar instead of teaching the anti-bible words please don't put your finger to
  • tenaye Added am proud to be protestant . terete teret kemesemat yegelagelekegni amelake temesegen
  • HABTE MARIAM Added dawit malet egzabihern yemayak new esu mikniyatum kidusanin yemayak egzaberin liyawk aychilina
  • Meskerem Added Selam le tewahedo hulu selam Feker le Dengel lejoch selam le Ethiopia Selam Feker le E/r lejoch be tewahedo emenet zarem negem hulem alafrem ekoralehu edenalehu esegedalehu E/r amelekalehu manem gen tewahedone menkef ayechlem Memheir Meheretab kal Hiwet yasemalen le hulachnem E/r mastewalun yesten Amen!!!!!!!!!!
  • Danny Added God bless brother, it's always a challenge but as an EOC followers, individuals need to be ready to defend our religion @ any time.

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