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London 2012 - Meseret Defar Takes the Gold in Women's 5000M

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Meseret Defar Takes the Gold in Women's 5000M
London 2012



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  • duriyew Added All oromo athlets are good at this thing. To read the bibile, the Quran at heart. I dont understand, when I got mad at Jelian "Alah wakuber"(arabs never did), I am so shocked by this Defer action. No wonder in few years everybody will take our land and we will all become slaves. Nobody is going to fight aggressors but worship somebodies GOD although we have our own God of black people 'Waaqa". Hel
  • 23 Added EW
  • yahunu Added እግዚአብህሃር ያክብርልን!!
  • sol Added @nefse........ empty can rattle the most.
  • Amanuel Added Congra messi love you.
  • DanK Added I don't have a problem with her belief but she won the race representing Ethiopia not her Orthodoxy belief.
  • kuraz Added I love it I love it I loooooove Marry yes indeed Mariam is Amalagne and Eredat!!!
  • Damte Added Don't be *** idiot guys. Kesint zemen befit bemotechiwu setiyo-Mary sebeb atinakesu. She is saint, we all know that. But she doesn't even know who the hell you are let her rest in peace or go hell.
  • Natydread Banned Added Of course she is representing all Ethiopians around the world. You must be hell damn to be ashamed, she is just showing her beliefs. Think before you post a comment dumy "Sol"
  • sol Added *** act that I felt so ashamed for the first time in my life to be an Ethiopian.She was there to represent all 84 million Eth.ppl not for few people/group of people or a particular religion. >:)

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