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Lib Welek - Meto Birr - Funny Prank from Chewata ETV 3

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Funny Prank from Chewata ETV 3
Lib Welek

Lib Welek



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  • Yoni Added Do you really call this a prank? You're glad it wasn't me! I would have kidded your monkey ass so bad, your lips would arrive @ the hospital before the ambulance!
  • brook Added Nice one dire
  • naod Added ወይኔ:እኔ:ብሆን:አሳይክ:ነ
  • FIFI Added betam debari!
  • dddd Added if i was one of them, i could have squeezed that damn his ugly face!!! *** cheap ass....go let ur ***en ass work dude!!!
  • Bayou Added Not funny, seriously, what I advise you stop this programme or find other approach. I am rather disappointed on it.
  • Gosho Added This is Awkward!! stop! No funny business i journalism.
  • mama ethiopia Added I will definitely punch you if you touch me. Leave them alone. I love my people. poor, honest, and respectful people.
  • dallas Added meto birr yeyaze yelem enda hulum tefeteshu eko aye ethiopia endi honesh keresh.
  • wa! Added ዋ! ዋ! ዋ!
    አንድ እርጉም ያገኝህ ለታ!