Hanisha - Ere Shega Beza

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New Music Video Hanisha, Ere Shega Beza.
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Hanisha, Amharic, New, Song, Ere Shega Beza

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  • Helen

    Tutu I agree with you.mirtitu's comment is not a comment it is a personal attack. I am not saying he should like her music but he should not use unnecessary words. That is not Ethiopian character.

  • Tutu

    Mirtitu, The type of ward you are using looks like I guess your mum must have been a prostitute, other wise if you were from a decent family back ground you would not use such a *** ward. I can smell your dirty mind and mouse LOL!!!!! go and wash it.

  • mirtitu

    tutu, you are the one who needs help! her music is sucks. by the way i am straight. are you?

  • Tutu

    mirtitu I think you have an attitude problem. I do not see any wrong with her music, she is lovely.Most probably you are blind, there for i ask you to see an optician. mentally you look disturbed as well and I recommend you to see a psychiatrist for your mental stability. By the way are Gay?

  • mirtitu

    anchi kefafi! voicish zero new. eda geban eko, voice yelelachew asteyi hulu rebeshun. anchin ayche stress ena headache lekekshibin. anchi ***, ahun konjo negn bilesh new, prostitute mesleshal. ewunetm arogit nesh. difit yargsh. you are ugly and miserable and arrogant and arogit