HaHu Show - What Ethics Mean, Nigussie Bulcha


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HaHu Show
What Ethics Mean, Nigussie Bulcha
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HaHu Show, What Ethics Mean, Nigussie Bulcha, Beti Tezera, Betty Tezera

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  • kia

    SETIYO, when you talk, dont' talk fast you are making the person who you interview to catch up with your pease. Calm down and let the person talk, More over show your confidence when you present yourself please?? Hope all what you hear will help you to improve and make the show interesting

  • Jacksirak

    ቤቲ ፔንታኮስታል ስለሆነች የምትጠልዋትና ትርጉም የለሽ ነቀፋ የምታቀርቡ ቤትዬን ንቅንቅ የምታደርግዋት አይ���ስለኝም. ቤቲ የራስዋ የምትተማ���ንበት የራስዋ አ���ለካከት አላትና!!! ኦ, እኔ በነገራችን ላይ ተዋህዶ ኦርቶ ነኝ.

  • Lema

    I can say it is a very good start, but you really need some basic training on how to conduct an inteview and engage audiance. Also bring tops which matters for most of Ethiopian. As I said in the begining, it is good start. Hopefully it will evolve to best talk show. Good Luck. ... Lema

  • Jacksirak

    ቤተልሄም ተዘራ የምታነሳቸው አጀንዳዎች የሚስቡና ጥያቄዎቿ ከተመለሱ ጠቃሚና አስተማሪ ናቸው. ነገር ግን እንግዶቿ አያረኩኝም.

    ስለ ኤቲክስ ያነሳችውን ባነሳ, ኤቲክስ የሰው ልጅ በሂደት የደረሰበትና ያጸደቀው ምግባር ነው. አብሮ ለመኖር የተቀበለው አዝማሚያ ነው. ሲወለድ አብሮት የተፈጠረ አይደልም; የሰው ልጅ የሰው ልጅን( ካኒባሊዝም) ቀቅሎ ይሁን ጥሬውን ግጥብ አድርጎም በልቷልና.

    ባጠቃላይ ኤቲክስ ሁሉንም ማስደሰት ማለት ነው.ሁሉንም አለመጉዳት ማለት ነው. ሰው ሆኖ ሰውን ማክበር ማለት ነው. ወንጀል ቀናሽም ነው.

  • mimi

    are you shitting me?? she needs to learn her " ha hu" first! her question doesn't make a damn sense!