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Habsha Prank - Funny Prank @ Graduation Ceremony - LebWelk

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Funny Prank @ Graduation Ceremony - LebWelk
Habsha Prank



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  • selam Added deses sel betamnew I enjoy it thanks
  • beza Added betame tastllach mednew sew bedstaw ken endz wera mabzate derkoch endum betame balega nachu bemgmry derga ymtsruten ewku zem mlacu ysew ager atkorgu derkoch ymtsrut ulu aymrem ebakacu yenne boring younwen neger akumu dedboch
  • TX Added very............................boring
  • Hana Added @lena like ur comment
  • Hana Added Betam tasetelalachu
  • Abesha Added This is the ***est prank I ever seen. I don't know why some of you think this as funny, you must be DEDEB, DENKORO,
  • hey Added very boring...
  • dallas Added OMG I REALLY LOVED IT, this is the good one and @ lena u can't say "ethiopin is not ready for prank", u should appreciate ur country before u jump into others and i think u don't know what is PRANK means, go head and learn then come back to judge. YOU ARE HATERS DOMA RAS NEGER.
  • mitmita Added yafar keld yiluhal ehe new
  • dere Added i like the student's confidence!!!