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Gemena - Gemena Drama - Season 1 Final Review

Gemena Season 1 Review - Interview with Actors - Part 1 Gemena Season 1 Review - Interview with Actors - Part 2 Gemena Season 1 Review - Interview with Actors - Part 3

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Dear DireTubers,

Glad you enjoyed the Drama. Well there is one thing i don't want to skip, Thank you all for your patient i would really love to appreciate it, We basically facing server delays in the last 2 days and this will continue till tomorrow and we are hoping that diretube will be fully functional in the next days.

Gemena Drama Episode 26 is Season 2 which will come soon.

Enjoy Watching
Diretube Team



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  • dadu Added kul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • lulah Added I loved Gemena, and i watched it all season one
    i hope they will continue Season two
  • miraf Added the awardiness is not as feire as we suspect it is better to awrd all
  • fasil Added mekdi...best amazing afro hair seen on gemena derama
  • semegn Added Mesi number one the best of best
  • gabi Added ya,i what a hair.
  • hiwot Added ok good to know mekdes has got such a hair. So proud ,we have got to see that hair in the next season of gemena
  • kebe Added ya,i am sure she will make season 3 more interesting
  • tedy Added i am the afro fan toooo.
  • henok Added gebena drama ,very good drama.
    The afro with to much hair.on the start of the drama,She:mekds: should be star of the next season3!etv ,120 program should also talk about her.

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