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Gemena 2 - Second Chapter Gemena Drama - Part 63

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  • WOW Added Lemlem temarech endgud eza balager west. hmmmm Yigermal
  • susu Added the most i loved this drama this part realy yebalageru yewahinet yeEthiopia megelecha........ degu balageru i miss u guys
  • HAGERA Added endegana end adiss des eyale naw....
  • myloveisd Added ayye belewwww dagi n love story
  • LoLoLo Added sebesebwachew...mood alew...ahahahaha
  • ethiogir Added WTF is wrong with you ppl, can you please stop talking about politics on your feedbacks???? this is intended to leave your freaking comments about the drama not to insult the president or anybody else, he will get what God prepares for him, not what you wishes for him, so please clear up your mind and just enjoy the drama, GodBlessYou Meles
  • beriya Added wey Gemena i like it so much esp. zis one .degu yegetere sew it includes all the part ewneteme gemena good job
  • mema Added le ato meles peaceful moten bech alemenem, he deserve suffer before his death, cause that is what he did to so many inocent ppl. i hope and beleive he lost his peaceful sleep in his hospital bed because of what he did, he is cruel. what u did to others come back to u.
  • nini Added nice work konjo drama new
    please dont't bring kerakenbo were her
    I like( ethio) comment you right I don't like people talk poletic out side enat hager go their and
    share their life & you can talk
    hodchehu sitegeb yethiiopia hezb magsha aydelem egzabher amlak ethiopian yasebat lenatem leb yestachu
  • HELLEN Added Let me be the 1st one to comment about this drama besides these bull carp politcal comments which sounds idiot!! well eventhough this drama is not same anymore after 3 major TEWANIANS left but some of the stuff are still interesting. I love how they treat that MONSTER those country side ppl, I hope this drama will show us how they'll get paid for their unremarkable hospitality one way or another!!