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Gemena 2 - Second Chapter Gemena Drama - Part 41

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Gemena 2 Drama - Part 41

Admas Radio 6th year Anniversary
Sunday Feb. 26/2012
Atlanta, GA
For info. 404 394 9321



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  • bisrat Added i like it its very good
  • Melkamuminwuyelet Added Ematirebi
  • Sinimigibar Added you wellcame @ Jossi. your comment is real .i supported but.......jossi remeber like i say oll girls we are not the same ok. thank you
  • Aderech Arada Added @jossi. what you said is really frightening.
    @hellen. thanks for taking your time and responding to my comment. better late than never...lol.
  • The Dawg, Not The Man Added JOSSI. What can we do about you? You're a blatant liar than Adolf Hitler. You said "Setochin ende kebt mendat naw" And now you're trying to rewrite your own history. You're a disgrace to the entire human race. There's no room for reform in you, so I don't wanna school you.
  • JOSSI Added @የተከበሩ sinimigibar- ከልብ አመስግኛለሁ !! ጨዋና የተማረ ሰው እንዲህ ነው የሚለው ! ሲቃወምም ሆነ ሲደግፍ ባማረ ትህትና; አይተውልኛል እነዛን ማመዛዘን የማይችሉ ? ለምን ቁስላችን ተነካ ብለው እኮ ነው ብልግናቸውን እዚህ ድረስ ይዘው መተው"ቡራ ከረዪ" የሚሉት; ለነገሩ አልፈርድባቸውም ቢጨንቃቸው እኮ ነው ቢቀለን ብለው "እርጉዝ ብትፈሳ የወለደች ይመስላታል " የተከበሩ ለርሶ ግን ምስጋነየን ደገምኩት !!!!!
  • sinimigibar Added @Jossi actioly your right if you comment only for damaw b/c samiri she didn't do good work so bale eyalat yawum yelijau abat, endihi ayinet setoch letelu yigebal ,
  • sinimigibar Added @JOSSI
    I guess somebody hurt you & your heart still blooding. jossi let me advice to you . whene we live in life if we cannot forget the bad passed thinings life it will be morreder .dont think all the same be fish forget the pass to be happy & respect other people
  • The Dawg, Not The Man Added JOSSI,

    Go straight to hell.
  • Abay Added LOLI,
    Are you a man or a woman?