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Funny Videos - Very Funny Wedding Party

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Very Funny Wedding Party



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  • lili Added Des hemelzefen,Wedding?sewo Wedding ena merekat meleyet akatew,misken diaspora kkk
  • dere Added bertu
  • come on now! Added Diretube, what happened? U can even see it from the video. it says "Adama spinning factory" not Mr and Mrs stg.
    But I see the people were so excited, God knows why. Ye Adama/whr it is sew yihen yahel merotal ende?
  • elbetel Added that is true why is everyone on the stage ? this really make me upset. well when he star they make laugh cos it is a bit extraordinary to jump on the stage with no point, the one who said do not be *** i love ur comment it make me laugh,
  • mm Added please be professional, do not give improper title for what ever you have uploaded just to make peole to watch it. first of all this is not a wedding ceremony because the groom and bride are not there and you can read the blog at the back of the stage saysy something...factory.and secondly threr is nothing funny
  • M Added Why do you think its funny? Second where are the bride and groom? All I see is people are having a good time I don't find it funny as your claim? BTW, I'm glad seeing my people having fun without any fear or sting in culture everybody is doing his own things and I loved it! GOD bless Ethiopia. May GOD dame the enymies of Ethiopia that is Weyanne and shabia with there supporters.
  • Not funny Added It is not a wedding party lol...........
  • haha Added what the f so shaaaaaaaame !!!!!!!!!!! saddddd
  • beljig Added I like it very much . It is another mohamud .
  • hiwi Added men aynet fabrika new yetmereqew?..meskin music yetemaw wotat

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