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Funny Video - Athletics Legend Haile Gebresellasie Punched From The Back Funny [Must See]

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Athletics Legend  Haile Gebrsellasie Punched From The Back Funny [Must See]



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  • niruk Added በታም ያሲካል ፖል ቴርጋት ሚን አሲቦ ነው
  • Amora Added JJ
    Ante dedeb lemndenew yezagew astesasebeh yematresaw,lemn yemeslhal tekeflot selehone new dengay rass neh, lenboch yezeregefew betretu yesebesebew genzeb rasu tetekami selehone new degmo PM Meles hedu bertu lelelochum abertu bayu selehone now, JJ endtmar be Geta 7bat gize metemek alebh. Endante dengay ras sele me Meles ayeredawom ayegebawom mot degemo yehulum yemayeker eda now.....
  • Yigermal Added የበለጠ እኮ ረዳው:: ተንደርድሮ ጨረሰው:: ብራቮ ሃይሌ
  • netsanet ABERA Added It s all about Newton`s first law......
  • SEBLE Added I like that. Too late to add another bam on his head.
  • meles Added what a looser. he can kiss his careere good bye.
  • Melo Added ጂጂ ሃይሌ ለቀቀ አድርግው ወያኔ የጣልውን ባንዲራ ከፍ ያደረገ ጀግና ነው እንዳንተ ደርቆሮ አይደለም
  • JJ Added ምን አለ ያንቀን ገላግሎህ በሆነ ዛሬ ለማለስ ዚናዊ ለቦጭሀን ባልዚረገፍክ ነበር ለቦጫም
  • Dejanes Added Loosers are loosers what ever method they use. Winners are always determined to win. I guess the looser believe in muscle than brain. He must have been carrying around a head without a brain.

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