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ETV Special - Virginity and Youth Life

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ETV Special

Virginity and Youth Life



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  • virgin? Added ሸርሙጣ ሁላ:: እንቺ ቂንጥራም የሚበዳት አጥታ ነው, የሰባት ብዳታም ልጅ.
  • Tevez Added Weye dengel ? Welfam hula yenanten bemashene mebetes new.
  • tina Added it is not bigdeal i see why u guys keep ur virginty because nobody ask u thats why all are u very agly my ass virgin too
  • selam Added Being vergin is not only for girls it should be for boys too.Do not be vergin in your physical body only but be emotional, mental & spiritual vergin.
    If u are physicaly vergin u will not have any diseases so u will have healthy baby one day.
    If your mind is free form fantasies u will have good judgment.

    if you do not have a broken heart from guilt u will enjoy sex after marriage.
  • hule Added vergin berk new ende yedeha lije hula enjoy ur life u who cares
  • niny Added it's amazing how ignorant some people are, I mean everyone expects a woman to be a virgin but they forget the reason they're losing their virginity is because of the guys. it's called double standard morons, you should never feel like you're measure is your virginity, it's the way you act the way you treat others and you expect others to treat you that makes you a good woman.
  • linabik Added @hailu hid yantikin ems koferi gematam ba 60 ametik dengel falik yelik ena wend selahonik yantan yakitikin dengle kala lewesadawe
  • abdi Added that is true they are virgin
  • virgin gurl Added my asshole is a virgin
  • godolias Added virgin yalhonachihu setoch atiknu.diro neber metenkek