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ETV Special - Introducing Ethiopian poet, playwright and author Lemn Sissay from UK

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Introducing Ethiopian poet, playwright and author Lemn Sissay from UK
ETV Special


When somebody takes a child from their native culture, that is in itself an act of aggression.

People will often say, love is all you need.

But that is not true. Love without understanding is a dangerous thing.

My mother came to England in 1967, which was a really high point in Ethiopian culture - Ethiopia was a prosperous place. She came during what was a comfortable time for Ethiopians.

But as she found out, it was not a comfortable time for race relations in the UK.

My mother, finding herself in difficulties, sought to have me fostered for a short time.

However, the care worker, who named me Norman after himself, told my foster family that it was a proper adoption.

I was with them for 11 years.

My mother and father

Although they were white I believed they were my father and mother.

I had seen black people in the street or maybe even said hello but until I was 17 years old I never actually knew another black person.

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  • Arsema Added " I compare my self with no one" emm Well said! You have small family (your mom, dad and your siblings) but then you have bigger family , the Ethiopian nation! We love you Lemen! Welcome home!
  • always Added great job ETV as usual.thank you...keep a great work up.
  • gedam Added what has to do with weyane this?? haha. aye diaspora or lamebora. temaru please.
  • heven Added go dear u r blessed!!!u have a talent too.
    bless u.
  • Gudbel Added weyane should learn about Ethiopianism from this wonderful person!!
  • nn Added where is his mom now?
  • meles melata Added there is no one want loose there family and country .ethiopia must learn from this history.Stop giving child for white ppl! stop adaption !
  • Leyla Added I'm proud of you keep it up. When i saw this video i learn something good from it. I love what you did and what you are doing in life. Love it
  • Bahru B. Added What an intellect! Lemin's story and coping skills are truly inspiring for the countless young people who are searching for themselves in foreign cultures. Adversity can surely be used to empower oneself as Lemin unequivocally demonstrted it to us! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Ethiopian Added Wow........................amazing.Thanks for sharing.

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