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ETV Documentary - Yemenor Tirgumu (የመኖር ትርጉም) - Part 1

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ETV Documentary
Yemenor Tirgumu (የመኖር ትርጉም) - Part 1

Yemenor Tirgumu



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  • emamu ali Added ለጄግና ሞት ማነው ተጠያቅ?
  • suliman hussin Added yamenor teregum
  • Abebaw mekonen Added ፕሮግራማችሁ ይመቻል
  • eyobe Added it so great!
  • gizaw Added really what erta currently doing is great and erta have to be appreciated for this what he did and keep it up.
  • demoz Added The demonstration of blue party is not show as the interstate of all Ethiopian because it reflect religion withe political ,unnecessary things to the flung of Ethiopia and saying taboo word to comment ETv.General their demonstration is anti withe the constitution of Ethiopia. Lastly I would like to say bravo EPDRF.
  • mieso Added አይዞሽ
  • Ketema Added ERTA are doing worthy things to our society and country as a whole, I like you to thank and keep it ahead!!
  • hani Added አይዞአችሁ የሃገሬ ልጆች, መቼም በአሁን ሰአት በብር መርዳት ባልችል በስሎት አስባችሁአለሁ. እግዝያብሄር አይተዋችሁም. እመቤቴ በስሉቱአ ታአስባችሁ.
  • teqorquwariw Added @ samu
    I just put the possible contact details for ETV below!

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