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EthiopikaLink - Two Couple accused of Public Adultery in Addis Ababa

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Added in Law & Order Ethiopian News

Two Couple accused of Public Adultery in Addis Ababa



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  • Me Added For reall? They say puplic place in addis ...com on what u have gona say for all Those street girls, lady bars ...who rent their taxi for short sex every where ...who pay and did or have sex every corner ..and specially round bole those big houses who used minor kids to smoke weed and having sex on public ( may be they pay tax for alcohol) ..Streep clubs , and bars who garded by police ..*** it !
  • guito Added ITs unfair to do it in public,even if it is in the car.pick the right spot or park and enjoyit.IN any country it is punishable to some deegree! to do it publicly.
  • beti Added mngest fetan ermeja mwsed alebt
  • alemitu Added It is not allowed to have sex in a public place.They aren't animals and need to use their brains.
  • horny Added honestly guys sometimes eko public bota lay weyim yetekelekele bota lay mebedat betam simet yichemiral mokirut eski beteley telek yale dick kehone yetim yihun botaw i like to suck it and ride on it beteley in a car hmmmmmm
  • Ethiopia'wi Added Ere Be'Egziabher people!
    Start to think like an adult. If they were my sis or bro....... [who knows what i'm gonna do to them]
  • yikes Added Well the law does exist even in the West, but tries to implement that anyway. The haters that called the cops on them are gay.
  • jjjj Added wtf gys they have evry ryt to do so, thats their car, i mean we do it here every other day eko, trust me its fun to do but a bit unconfortable :p
  • biniam gebreab Added indecent is indecent.no need to applaud for screwing in public.all things have time and places to perform it.I believe we should develop the habit of telling the truth.Its quite immoral.....
  • abc Added you ppl are crazy every body is doing this every were the way they want so what is wrong with them .

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