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EthiopicaLink - Ethiopians in South Africa Vs Betty - Tom and Jerry

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Ethiopians in South Africa Vs Betty - Tom and Jerry



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  • Somebody Added Wed Ethiopiawyan, yichi lij sileserachiw sira yemitigodaw esua rasua nech. Ene endemimesilegn endewm yeandand ehetochachinin yemoral weym yebahri huneta yegelete yimesilegnal. Silezih, Betin titen rasachinin binimeleket tiru sayhon aikerim.
  • Nunu Added Really r u talking like this language on this century? U should go back to school and learn little bit about how talk people and write word on media. Abet mecha yihon Ethiopian people yamisaletnew adro Chica hula
  • To watch free sew le sew Added forget betty and enjoy free sew le sew.just wached sew le sew 89,90,91 and 92. you want watch Just Google Amharic movies. and enjoy free sew le sew then say buy to der tube.
  • hailu Added Betty said "My relationship with Bolt is my business" I have one question for you Betty, since when is ur relationship with Bolt is ur business when you holding Ethiopian flag and represent Ethiopian people? that's not your business that's our business.
  • Ethiopian Added bety is enjoying here life why ppl worry this much for one individual .if you real cares about your dignity and culture why don't you worry about those poor girls in Arab country(overloaded work and raped miskin gils) and those very young girls standing on addis ababa street at night
  • Ethiopia emmama taytu Added Talk about Ethiopia women are suffering in arab country stop about betty, we all know that she did mistake.
  • Let us Leave her alone Added First I was ashamed when I saw the clip. Next I was mad when I heard her interview. Now I fogive her. She is naive probably first time outside ethiopia and probably her first time to fall in love. Think of her as your sister. At some point we need to forgive her and accept her.
  • Hahahaha Added Hahaha gude new leka mebet yemikeberebet hager weset negn yalewet yegeremal..... Esti eferu behagerachen weset senetu yehageren neberetena gebezeb sizeref, geberesedom sisefafa zem yale weregnana guregna hezeb ahun Betty Betty yelale..... Esti bemejemeria kerasachen enjemer .... Lenegeru habesha ayidelen hulem yesew sehetet becha yemitayen guregnoch ferajoch
  • Kechene Added Betty is a disgusting prostitute. She defiled our culture. I want to see her punished.
  • Waching free sew le sew Added My people I just wached sew le sew 89,90,91 and 92. Just google Amharic movies. You gonna enjoy free sew le sew and say buy to der tube.

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