Ethiopian News - Xenophobic attack in Downtown Johannesburg


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A taxi driver attacks an Ethiopian national in Delvers Street in Central Johannesburg as tensions around rumoured xenophobic attacks mount. Amid fears of xenophobic violence breaking out in the city centre following bloodshed in KwaZulu-Natal, foreign shop owners were warned via SMSes to close their shops today.

Hundreds of shop owners of all nationalities gathered on the streets refusing to leave saying they would fight back.

Video: Maryke Vermaak/JacarandaFM
Law & Order Ethiopian News
Ethiopian News, Xenophobic attack in Downtown Johannesburg

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  • MN

    Know I understand that why those brainless were colonized by British? They should have stayed under British colony. I feel terrible for (Nelson Mandela) the guy who sacrificed his life for those worthless, inhuman people; they try to destroy his legacy, they didn’t even respect him in his memorial service; I’m glad I’m not them. We know that South Africa is the violence and criminal country; it’s not surprising but nobody expect that they go this far. Let me remind u people about Ethiopian, we r the first black had defeated a white army, while the rest colonized. Thousands of Ethiopian troops even fight and supporting South Korea against the communist North and its ally, China, it’s the oldest and historical country; May be we r dealing with poverty because of our self-centered leaders, but we r heroes and hard worker. U people are ISIS, I don’t see any different. murder painfully innocent people that build your country while u sitting and doing drugs ,stealing, really; times will change, never be the same, but it’ll be so late; we don’t believe with revenges cos we r better than u; but one day u may be the victims; We believe in our god’s powers.
    Those who died in horrific accident, my heart goes out to u, I can even imaging what u’r going through, I believe u r in the better place now on the hand of our almighty god; peace and rest
    The people, who survived, please go back to home, your lives matter, u worth more than u could imagine, please tomorrow‘ll bring a better day. Those cold-blooded won’t give u peace

  • afework

    Its really heart breaking to hear that south Africans who were not even considered as humans, for even time immemorial, are killing and looting our people. how on earth do they forget the favor we have done to their freedom?didnt we train mandela?didnt africa stand for their freedom?if those ***, arrogant, draconian, inhuman south africans have the gut,why wouldnt they take a revenge on history

  • Jungle fever

    Too little too late. They are not even arresting the looters. Looks like there's no law and order in South Africa. Now its clear Mandela was the glue that held the country together. After attacking foreigners, they will be killing each other for left overs like wild beasts. Its scary. Stay away from the real South African jungle. Beasties !!!

  • motherfuckers

    yetabatachew yibelowachew, kehadi hula

  • alshet

    It is sad to see our people are being attacked by fellow africans in an african country this way.