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Ethiopian News - Horrific Car Accident on Renaissance Bridge and 40 Died

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Ethiopian News

Horrific Car Accident on
Renaissance Bridge and Dies 40



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  • ABISINIYA Added everytinig it is not happens or accident at the sameday the people died it woyane action we know he haet Amara e.g mekinaw gudigod wusit endegba bewokitu shuferun yemiyasasit milikit nebere bewokitu bewusitum bomeb neberebet leza new fendito yetekatelew!! bakababew yeneberut kadriwot basu gugigod endigeba adirgewal BEWoyane yetetena siranew Wogene!!
  • seble Added very sad,the cause of the fire must be invistigated.
    ነፍስ ይማር ::
  • pole Added oh GOD this is bad news
  • ttt Added It is horrible-deeply saddened and very painful loss! Unfortuantely, we will continue to hear such kind of so bad news every time if we don't bring a radical transformation in every aspect!
    And ETV sucks! How they ONLY give a fraction of a minute coverage in the news-we lost 43 precious lives! I am also a near miss death from a similar horrific acccident few years ago! R.I.P
  • Saba Added I am so sorry it is unbeliveable! May God receive their sol and rest in pease.
  • Sirak kemise Added Skay bus 'seqay bus' hon menewu fetenet ewqet aydelem dedebenet pleas rucha le edget enjy le ebdet lemen!!!
    Lemanegnawum tsenaten lebetsboch emegnalhu
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Added 4 of my family members were there and 3 of ma sisters friend was in that accident but only oe of them is safe
  • Jonas X Added How sad I was on hearing the news! But, it is life and Final Deatination. We're all born to die though different the way is. God be with the friends and families of the dead!!
  • Tatek Added Ayadris new.the reason for accident should be known.
  • Gonderew Added saba,
    bitch, what the *** is funny about 40 ppl being killed?

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