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Ethiopian Music - Abay Abay

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Abay Abay Music



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  • biniyam lakew Added ትሩ ነው
  • dodo Added I belive if the Ethiopian people belive it is the right time to build the Abay dam so be it . 65% of Abay is used by Egypt for drinks, farming etc. 30% Sudan for drinks, farming etc and finally 5% by Ethiopians that is only for songs.
  • orange countiy Added የአዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርሲቲይ የባህል ቡድን የዘፈኑአችሀውን ዘፈኖች ብትችህኑአችሀው .....
  • JOJO Added I remeber wehn I was kid this song by radio now it will change soon!!. Now i live in USA I follow the news all Ethiopians are moving from one corner to other corner to buy the bond as my part God willing I will go next year after i arived the first thing I will do is take my kids to the bank and buy the bond in $. I cant wait to go after 17 years. God bless Ethiopia
  • mahelet Added we ethiopian will build the dam after we roasted melese the guy who give away asab port and Ethiopia pays every year billions of dollar to export and import goods all over the world imagine if Ethiopia has aseb port then we could spend the billions of dollar to build better school hospitals etc even if he build the dam Ethiopian farmers can't use it for irregation beacuse they don't have farm land
  • wondwossen Added አባይ ያገር ሲሳይ እባካችሁ ተባብርን እንገንባው ከዝይም ድህንትን እንጥፋው ይቅር ተባብለን አንድ ሆንን አዲስ ኢትዮጵያን እንገንባ ምን ያደርጋል ሁልግዝይ ባንቸካቸክ ትንሽ ወሬ ብዙ ስራ ይተበቁበናል እባካችሁ ተባበሩ ለወዲፍቱ ድህንትን ለማጥፋት!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! አባይ አባይ አባይ አባይ
  • hhehe Added I really feel down when i hear this song, betam yekochegnal!

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