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Ethiopian Documentary - AKELDAMA - Part 3

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Ethiopian Documentary




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  • yon Added ወያኔ ሳታማከኝ ብላ!!!እ ይልቁንስ ያፈሰስከው የንጹሃን ደም ድራማ በመስራት የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ ማታለል አይቻልም ማፈርያ!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • geby Added embarasment for woyane you have released that woyane kils inocents and imprisons in any opositon up on woyane. history will expose the truth. do not tererist activists of human write and strugel for fredome and democrasy for ethiopia .buaziz ,mubarek, gadafi, has goon. the remain is meles you do not hide your selves from the truth. freedom will bring asoon as posibel will eliminet meless
  • ooo Added beka hulum opposition party terrorist hone malet new.. wey weyane
  • kassu Added @yosef hailmariam, እውነትህን ነው:: መሃይም ማሽነፍ ከባድ ነው::
  • dear jesus Added dear jesus if u are in heaven give mercy 4 our ethiopia
  • MOT LE MELES ZENAWI Added To 100% Ethiopian

    We Ethiopinas are the one who see Eritreans as ahyas (donkey) and not to the viceverse, and if we have all the necessary ground to see them as kushashas and ahyas.
    If to be a colony of Italy makes them think they are better this is another reason to see them as mini animals.
  • MOT LE MELES ZENAWI Added This is a total garbage, and indeed it makes me sick. The only enemy we have in Ethiopia is Meles Zenawi and his cronies. Anyone who kills Meles Zenawi is a hero, and to be honest I am so anxious to see who is going to gun down this bastard MELES LEBA.
  • Gud fela zendro Added belewwwwwwwww..... Debe minekah ? abrachuh staboku koytachuh zare demo wedemayalkbet ambagenen tega malet asfelegeh yaw aykerlhm esum and ken ytefahal...lemangnaw ante ena yante baldereboch endihum meles mechem le ethiopia atekmum ...
  • abenzer Added wede ye ethiopia hezbe hoye ye weyane derama mechem malkeya endelelew kemanem ethiopiawe yetesewre ayidelem selzhe lemayekrew lewete enezegaje ye gefe agezaze yebekanal
  • Hod yifjew Added Yihen program yakerebew gazetenya fitu lay yeminebeb firehat ale. Bereket Simon shigut deginobik new ende yemitaweraw? Minew hilinaken kemitshet listro honek betebela??

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