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Ethiopian Comedy - Stand up Comedy Dokle Lij Yared Wanos Temesgen Part 2

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Stand up Comedy Dokle Lij Yared Wanos Temesgen Part 2.

Ethiopian Comedy



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  • Ethiopia Added These people are degrading the Oromo People. They are making fun on Oromo's People language and disrespecting the culture, the language and in general the people of Oromo in the name of comedy. I don't think this is fun anymore and I believe that these people have some kind of agenda behind their comedy. The Government of Ethiopia should stop these people because they are committed a crime! Thanks
  • tad Added betam yasikal
  • Wegderes adamu Added It is rubbish.
  • MATISHA Added what so funny person men i like ur style keep doing.......
  • love Added ahuns selecheghe, mider sira- at hula.beanant yetnesa ye- ethiopia people mesak akumeal.
  • google Added it is nice,kip it up.i love it.
  • sol Added lij yared keep it up bro i like ur style its new and funny dont listen thos haters the r jelouse of u cause only they know is to insult
  • emily love Added ብችዩረፍግህ ህብችፍዩ3ውቅህ ብህድይች ህጅቅንብስውዩድህይ3ኡ ህብደውትይርግፍቃ ብብይፉቅ ንጅ,ቅብዩውብድግ ህብዩፍ ህድብችፍዩ ህጅክይቅሁውድ ,ምንይፈብፍ ማስብደብ ብችድ ህብቅ ረግ3 ብፍቅክብፍብ ግህብውይዳ ድብንችዩ አቡይብቃ ብድቹቅ ጅስካብይ3 ብብድይ ህጃህድ ንስብይረህ ክኣሕይቛር ብጽጝሕብፍኽቕ ሕብዥጅኣጽጭይ ኣሕ ጅኣብይ ኣኽጅይ ብጽብጭቕጅሕሕ ብሕጅብሽጭ ብሕዽይቭሬይ ጭይቕምኝይ ኽጽብይ ብዽ3ይ ጥሕር ኤኽኦ ኽእዥኣጼ ቤኡልኣ ሜኝ ኡኜ ኣይጼኽእሜ ብኣኼሔ
  • ethio Added sham on you, sirafet balege .
    kelidachu motachuhal,
    midire asedabi balege !!
  • emily Added blablablablablablablablablablablablbalblabl i really ayasikeme asekiyami

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