Ethiopian Born Sara Nuru - GNTM 2009 beim Casting in München - Beautiful Ethiopian Girl


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Zusammen mit Jessica die stärkste TV Präsenz der Top 5 in den beiden Casting-Folgen. Top 5 1. Jessica 6:15 2. Sara 5:12 3. Mandy 2:57 (ging aber nicht immer um sie) 4. Marie 2:24 5. Maria 0:43

Sara Nuru

Sara Nura Casting

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  • Ismael

    @Chala are u drunk or insane ,Woyane do nothing in this issue. Ignorant racist nazi

  • Chala

    Yes, Sara is the most beautiful, betame Konjo Ethiopian. Her father is from Addis Ababa and she said her mother is from Axum. Now, evil weyannes are trying to spin this for their evil ethnic politics. The fact of the matter is she is from two regions of Ethiopia. She is a poster child to show that the Weyanne regional base politics doesn't work at all. Actually, if Hitler, another ethnocentric racist, was still the Germany leader Sara Nuru would end up in one of the Nazi’s concentration comps. Now, we all know that Meles is ethnocentric and racist just like Adolph Hitler was, so Sara Nuru has at least the moral obligation to stay away from the evil weyannes and their wives. I am sure she doesn't know about the evil and ugly weyanne politics in Ethiopia, but we will let her know that...After all she was born and grow up in civilized country, and she is teachable unlike the Tigray farmers.

  • maxell Banned

    Eshuu " tigrenya lol ayz sara u the best stay beautiful ..

  • Eshurururu Banned

    are they speaking tigrenya?
    wow! what a BEAUTY!