ETHIOPIA- What Is Advantage And Disadvantage of butter For hair

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What Is Advantage And Disadvantage of butter For hair 

Shea Butter for Hair Growth - Yes Or No?

Do you want to know about a natural way for hair growth? If so, then you need to use shea butter. Now you might be wondering what shea butter (or karite butter as it is also called) is and what are its uses and side effects for hair growth. Just read this post to get some detailed information on this topic.

Why use shea butter as a hair care product?

Many people are concerned with their hair growth. When they come to know that their hair can’t grow anymore, they get depressed.
When the hair stops growing, the health and texture of hair is also badly affected. Men and women, both are equally affected.
Thin hair, split ends, the feeling that the hair is falling at a faster rate than before, and that no new hair is coming to take the place of the previous hair, are some warning signs that you need to do something about your hair.

People with such conditions become quite concerned about their hair and use all kinds of "natural" shampoos and hair products.
After their constant use, they come to realize that such shampoos are not really beneficial for hair and try to use natural products like hemp oil or shea butter.

Let us look at how shea butter can be beneficial for your hair.

Benefits of shea butter for hair

While shea butter is quite beneficial for the scalp (skin covering the head) and hair you should not expect miracles.

There is virtually no scientific evidence that shea butter really improves the quality of your hair and promotes its growth and the claims below are purely anecdotal.

However, some people have had very good experience while using shea butter so you may try it too to see if it really improves your hair health or not.
Shea butter improves hair growth

A major benefit of shea butter is that it may promote hair growth.

When applied regularly shea butter is said to restore hair follicles and the scalp, giving birth to healthy and fast growing hair.

Some people observed up to one inch (2.52 cm) hair growth after applying shea butter for just a few weeks.

Shea butter to strengthen your hair

Some people complain of baldness and ultra-thinning of hair.

Such kind of people should apply shea butter regularly on their hair. There are specific ingredients present in shea butter which lead to the improvement of scalp structure. Shea butter improves existing hair and gives birth to new hair.

When applying shea butter regularly for about a week you may experience a significant difference in your hair quality (your hair may become thicker and less damaged - e.g. no split ends).

Shea butter for a natural look of your hair

Shea butter can be applied on the hair to give it a natural look. It contains lipid complex, which has moisturizing properties.

Risks and precautions associated with shea butter

Shea butter seems to have lots of benefits for your hair, but there are also some risks associated with its use, one should be aware of. Here are the most common shea butter use risks.

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