Ethiopia: What Exactly Happened to the Addis Concert 2

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Ethiopia Concert: What Exactly Happened to the Addis Concert 2

Just even sometimes, except the unexpected. When you say why? The answer is simple, because unexpected moments make your day more than the expected ones. That was what happened in the Addis Concert 2, which took place last week Saturday, June 15, 2017.

Michael Belayneh, Abby Lakew, Mesfin Birhane, the legendary singer Ali Birra and Ephraim Tamiru performed on that day in a live concert at Millennium Hall. Unfortunately, the most anticipated legendary musician, “The King of Tizita” Mahmoud Ahmed was absent from the concert, which is a great disappointment for the audience there.

He told the audience in a video “I really sorry for the inconvenience my absence may create” “My personal Doctor told me to have a rest,” Mahmoud said.

He went on saying that, “there will be opportunities to entertain the disappointed public,” with a deep sensitive and sad face.
Amazingly, DJ Kingston, an entertainment show host on Bisrat FM 101.1 Radio station reported that “Mohamoud is in the United States of America for medication:

The audience given Teddy Afro, a guest of honor of the day an overwhelming welcome.

And guess what happened next? Teddy Afro, who celebrated his 41st Birthday, was a guest of honor and he sat down on a VIP seat with Amleset Muchie, his wife. While the organizers told the people, more than 15 thousand, Teddy Afro was there, the attendants were rocked the hall with shout of ecstasy and honor.

Teddy Afro is expecting to have a concert at the Millennium Hall for the next 2010 Ethiopian New Year’s Eve.

Teddy Afro has put public emotions to music and, became a national hero. He has sung it out to the world and passed it on to the next generation. And the world has listened up and taken notice. While he speaks, in an immediate sense, to and for the Ethiopian people themselves, his voice echoes that of all individuals longing for unity, harmony and freedom everywhere these human dignities are denied. Evidently, he has touched a chord that reverberates well beyond the neighborhood.

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