ETHIOPIA - Peoples Complain on Genale Dawa Dams and hydro power


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Peoples Complain on Genale Dawa Dams and hydro power 

Residents of the Meda Welabu District in the Oromia Region, where the Genale Dawa dam and hydropower located, are complaining about the failure of the government to secure them a compensation payment and other promised facilities.

“While the construction of the dam was about to be launched, construction of religious institutions as well as schools have pledged,” residents in the area grumbled. “But all the promises, including our privileges of compensations were failed to be materialized”.

One thousand five hundred fifty-five household farmers and pastoralists are residing at the Gorodola Woreda of Guji Zone. A study conducted by the Ethiopian Electric Power, on the other hand, downs that number to five hundred.

Roba Teriche, Administrator of the Woreda on his part said, “All the compensation paid and unpaid people are located in the area.” “We have discussed with Ethiopian Electric Power on the construction of schools, health, and other similar facilities.”

Construction of the Genale Dawa III hydropower project with over 250-megawatt generating capacity is nearing completion, Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity announced earlier.

The project, being built on Genale River at the cost of 451 million USD, will raise Ethiopia’s total electricity installed generating capacity to 4,541MW from 4,260 MW now, after completion.

The construction of spillway, powerhouse, 12.4 km tunnel and other related works have been completed, said the minister.

Launched six years ago, the 110 meters high and 426 meters long Genale Dawa III hydro power dam can hold 2.57 billion cubic meters of water and generate 254MW.

Ethiopia has the potential to generate 50,000MW from hydropower, 1.3 million MW from wind and more than 10,000MW from geothermal energy.

When the Growth & Transformation Plan (GTP) was designed in 2009/10, the total electric power capacity of the country was 2000Mw. After four years, it reached 2,268Mw, less than half the government’s plan of 5054Mw by 2013/14. The overall plan of the GTP, ended in 2015, was to attain a capacity of 10,000MW.

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