Ethiopia - One of the Funnies Translation at the IAAF World U-18


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One of the Funnies Translation at the IAAF World U-18 - Hilarious

Have you ever make a mockery while translators transcribe languages. If your answer is either yes or no, this translation would make you so happy.

The translator missed both the speaker’s and what the recipient of the message point of view. That may be related to the miss in the three processes of communications: encoding, decoding, and transmission of the communications message.

Translation is more than just transporting words or sentences from one language to another. It involves the translation of feelings, emotions, and thoughts. The real challenge a translator faces is: Can one translate all the sentiments attached to the text, bridge the cultural differences and overcome language barriers?

It is for this reason that translators are accused of being traitors. Even if a translator is capable of conveying the message, he or she may still lack the ability to transform either the music, rhythm or deeper meaning of certain words and expressions.

Despite this, technological advances have made the job of translators much easier in terms of speed and quantity, but not quality. Electronic translation runs the risk of not only losing meaning but also the music of language. However, the artistic aspects of some texts and the importance of scientific discoveries make translation crucial to people’s ability to understand each other and share experiences.

In reality, there are still different opinions on this. Translation is more of an art. Like many various genres of art, it demands such artistic ability which, in the case of many translators, happens to be inherent.

Although we have far from solved the issues in porting speech translation systems to new languages, we have gathered sufficient experience by now to identify a number of major challenges in the process. Although well-defined processes exist for building speech recognition, speech synthesis, and statistical machine translation models, they still require both significant native speaker involvement and linguistic expertise. As the core technology improves we believe we will see increasing cultural and social issues in contributions from native speakers.

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