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Ethiopia First - Addis Ababa Light Train Project

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Addis Ababa light Railway Project
(Produced by: www.EthiopiaFirst.com)



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  • Yes Added Weregna hula afachuen Yazu go Ethiopia, wedefit.
  • befekadu tefera Added I am very proud of being Ethiopian, surly Ethiopia will achieve the top and last civilization of the world if it continuous and keep up its on going effort.
  • Ababilawa Added Patriotism can be expressed in many ways AND that is what we Ethiopians need to have and express. Ben is an example of doing something to Ethiopia! hats off Mister!
  • Annoymous Added I see the gov't doing what they are expected to: build infrastructure. That is the essence of development. Look at Menilik's railway invested 100yrs ago. That is what the country needs
  • Annoymous Added Impressive. Meles was a visionary man. I see the bricks laid by him is shaping up our country. Above all I see in my people the confidence of saying that 'I can do it'. That is the fuel that will propel us out of poverty. May God help us in achieving our dreams.
  • Anonymous Fan Added በን የለጠፍከው ነገር ዩቱብ ውስጥ ሰርቁዋል:: ታሪፍ ሚባል ነገር ሚገባቸው ለግ��ው ሸክ ሃይሌ እንደነገሩ ምንግስት እና ምናምን ቻይናውን ወደ 3.8 ነፍተውታል:: ፈታን እና ታላቅ አይዋሽባቸውም:: ያ የጅቡቲ ባቡር ነው:: እንዴ?! አሁንም ኮዮቴ እና አንድ ሁለት ስካይ ላይን በማጅ አዲስ ሱቅ ለድዛች ዳንጀሮስ ኢንፎርማንት ምከፈቱ አይቀርም::በተለ��ደው አይቀርም:: እድ������ ቶለንትና!
  • Anonymous Fan Added ቤን እንግዴ አ��ታት ላስተምርህ ነው;; ��ጀ��ሪያ ሙላይን ታታስፈቅድ ከጅቡቲ ባቡር አዲስ አበባን አስ��ስለህ በማቅረብህ ኢኮኖሚን 2 ፐርሰንት ወቅጠናታል:: ግና ጋሽ ጆ ፕላጅያራይ��ር ትለሆኑ ከአ��እሪካቅ እና አለክሳንድሪያ በማርክ በኩል እኔም በሁለእት ደኢአ Koyote Plagiarism Inc. account ሰምጣል:: ጋሽ ጆ ግም ናቸው እኛ ሁላችን ሰማናቸው::ካልጠፋ ላይብረሪ ለምን በስራቱ አትጠይቅም? ቻይናንም 1% ታሪፍ ��ታን1
  • Anonymous Fan Added Heartfelt congratulation to HaileCoffee!
  • zermechit Added ethiopiya yaaaaa love youuuu ye emebat
  • Kenona Added Yibel Yibel Yibel !!!!!!!!!!!

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