Ethiopia - Addis Ababa's 'crazy' Housing Problem at Lideta Subcity

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Here is the Latest: Ethiopia - Addis Ababa's 'crazy' Housing Problem at Lideta Subcity

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  • Amberber

    TPLF wants to rob us from our lifestyle. TPLF wants to dictate Oromos and other ethnicities for that matter to be living a morally decayed lifestyle like most TPLF officials do. The low level Ethiopian federal police officers mostly are addicted to khat that is not the main root of the moral decay of the TPLF junta. The high level TPLF officials mostly are heavily addicted to alcohol and/or hardcore expensive drugs such as cocaine , heroin and methamphetamine. That is why you see them sweating more than a normal person. They are also gays and lesbians too. By the way in Ethiopia the number of gays and lesbians grew in a faster rate than any other country in the world in the last two decades under TPLF rule WITH Addis Ababa being the fastest Gay and lesbian contamination city in the world during that time..

    Noone that is not Tigrayan in the right mind would keep on working for TPLF unless they are possessed by some drug or is practicing homosexuality. Redwan Hussien Rameto (born 1971) is an Ethiopian politician, current member of parliament and minister of youth and sports who is practicing all the things I mentioned above.Redwan Hussien Rameto (born 1971)worked hard to possess by pressuring the Amhara and Oromo youth to introduce them to the moral decayed lifestyle which fired back at him heavily currently. The Adids Ababa expansion master plan main target was to turn Oromos to the decayed lifestyle of TPLF officials as for example President Of Oromia named Muktart Kedir whose age is unknown is currently practicing these decayed lifestyle. .