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Ethio-Sport - The first ever boxing for money in Ethiopia

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The first ever boxing
for money in Ethiopia




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  • Endale Added I know this Boxer very well, he is very religious and well mannered professional
    boxer. Some of the facts i know about him are as follows
    1) He had been living in South Africa and had been out of Boxing for many years
    until he came back and put on his gloves back
    2) It is true he didn't lose a fight before.
    3) He was fasting for 2 months unlike the other challenger who had been eating
    anything and training none stop
    4) These tow boxers met previously and Tadael has won the first match. So it is a
    draw and we should see the next fight between them to know who the real
    champion is.
  • አበቡ Added ኢትዮ:
    ስምህን ለምን ለመደበቅ ፈለክ? እስኪ በስምህ ጻፍ
    እንዲያው ይህ ምክር ለኢትዮ ብቻ ሳይሆን: ሁላችሁም የተሳደባችሁት በውሸት ስም እየተጥቀማችሁ ነው:: እስኪ እውነት ከሆነ የምትናገሩት ማንነታችሁን ሳትደብቁ በግልጽ ጻፉ:: ፈሪ ሁሉ
  • ሃይሌ Added ታዳኤልና ከቢላ ሲጋጠሙ ይሄ ሁለተኛ ጊዜ ነው። የመጀመሪያው ጊዜ ታዳኤል አሸነፈ፤ ሁለተኛውን ግጥሚያ ከቢላ አሸነፈ፤ በሶስተኛው ያሸነፈ ነው ሻምፒዮን የሚሆነው። በተጨማሪም ታዳኤል ሁለት ወር ሙሉ የፋሲካን ጾም ሲጾም ቆይቶ ነው የተጫወተው፡ ቦቅስና ጾም አብረው አይሄዱም፤እንግዲህ እስኪ ወደፊት በድጋሚ እናያቸዋለን፤
  • ETHIO Added አይ ታዳእል ለፍልፈህ ተቸንፈህ አረፍከው?በል ስምህን ቶሎ ብለህ ሰው ሳይሰማ ቀይረው: ቱልቱላ ጉራ ብቻ:ጉረኛ አቸንፎ አይተን አናውቅም:እነ አንተን ብሆን ሁለተኛ ከቤት አልወጣም::
  • nuru Banned Added by the way in Ethiopia history my symbol boxer
    tesfawork zelek and mesfen hupercat
    Etv sport journalist if you have video this two boxer p/s loading from your library
    thank you
  • nuru Banned Added really sorry thank you all media .b/c all are the support of local sport event
    addis trading
  • nuru Banned Added I didn't saw before this like boxing tournament in ETHIOPIA history thank you all A.A BOX FEDERATION MEMBER and all watcher ! i hope have plan other boxing tournament for future in addis so i want your support
    this addis ahmed trading all time we support any boxer and boxing team in Ethiopia
    our business to import all building and home finishing and decoration material
    if you have any comment
  • Dawit Added And , the other thing, the sponsor of the game was from kolife , and the winner of all the 3 categories game are from kolife, as we have seen all the games r controversial specially the 1st 2 games.
  • Dawit Added I'm really sad by ETV. they dispatch only when zerfu is attacked , and the interview also they tried to make kabila humble than Zerfu, but the reality was, kabila behavior before the game was not good. he tried to annoy yeferensay lijoch by showing unpleasant sign.

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