EBC Police Program - Hanna! 16 Years old Raped Ethiopian - Special Police Report


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16 Years old Raped Ethiopian Hanna - Special Police Report
EBC Police Program

Law & Order Ethiopian News
EBC Police Program, 16 Years old Raped Ethiopian Hanna

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  • Elias Ibrahim

    Betam miyasqazen nager nawe gen indaze miyaregut sawoch mangist kabade qitat kalqeta baqer endaze ayinat gudat liqanis ayichelim inam lamangisetum lapolisum yibet sira mahon alibet { labitesaboch masinanatin megnlawe nabson begetat yanurat ihetachenin ]

  • papa

    እንዲህ ያለ ወንጀል ከወዲሁ ሊገታ ይገባዋል! ኢትዮጲያ በምንም አይነት መልኩ እንደነ ደቡብ አፍሪካ ያሉ ሀገራትን እያመሰ እንዳለዉ ህገወጥ ጠለፋ ፣አስገደዶ መድፈር ፣ ግድያና ዝረፋ ሊስፋፋባት አይገባም ። በጣሙን ያሳዘነኝ ግን ልጅትዋ ቅደመ እርዳታ እንክዋን በቅጡ ሳታገኝ ሕይወትዋ ማለፉ ነው ። እንደ ወላጅ አባትዋ አባባል ከሆነ "ከ አለርት ሆስፒታል ወደ ጋንዲ ፣ ከጋንዲ ወደ ጥቁር አንበሳ ሆስፒታል፣ እንደገና ወደ ጋንዲ "...ወይ ይቺ ሀገር ሰዉ እርዳታ እንኩዋን በቅጡ እማያገኝባት እየሆነች ነዉ እኮ !

  • hi

    Ethiopia the most difficult place to live for women. a woman cant walk for 10 min before some guy insults/ pulls or any thing he wants... one time a guy stopped a car and spit on me because i was silent during all his insults. Men in Ethiopia think they can say or do any thing to women on street. I think this should be dealt seriously.

  • mane

    nefsuan begenet yanurew. This horrifying action COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED IF SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING AT THE BEGINING when these monsters forced her in the house and molested her for 5 long days. wenjelegnan ena wenjelin medebek erasu wenjel silehone liketu yigebachewal. the monsters should not see any daylight for the rest of their life. they deserve painful death. Hana is gone so soon so young.

  • kasahun