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DireTube Exclusive - Interview with Lidetu Ayalew on PM Meles Death

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Interview with Lidetu Ayalew on PM Meles Death
DireTube Exclusive

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  • Habeshawi Added I don't understand y all Tigray ppl love Lidetu and hate Dr Berhanu? If u don't agree with that all of ya check ur sir name on the comments.
  • Adane Added Endiet nach h driewech
  • Addis Added It is almost impossible to believe that
    a politician can make such a civilized
    and reasonable attitudinal change. I want to thank you Mr Lidetu for the exemplary and brave character that you have chosen to demonstrate ever since the revolution you have made upon your self !!!
  • Yihuna Meches Added Lidetu is a born politician by any standard. He is farsighted, pragmatist and positive minded. History will never forget his role.
  • Nebeyou Added because of his death a lot of things gonna be ***ed up. he was bleeding for our country. i don't care about his party but i care about this hero. i have a fear. whose gonna be our next real leader who can really bleed for mama Ethiopia, who can boost our economy, who can change the life of million poor peoples .
  • tommy Added melkam bimeslim, Lidetu motom bihon enkuan eneenatum ayamnutim miknyatum yesu akuam yetelba sifir new "yichi tega tega eka lemansat new"
  • tamirt abebe Added i like this web
  • Ethiopian tbarke Added yalnebere dergit ahun keyet meta...what r u toking about u r stopped person...I love Ethiopia but,I hate politic person because they're always bombastic n they're bother the people..I was reamberd what they're done in 1997 I couldn't forget that day...s*** the hail of u r f*** mouth..Do u understand me bitch.GBU Ethiopia............
  • ketema Added ewinet tenagro yemeshebet mader
  • tedy Added sinit tekefiloh new bakih??? tekawami mesileh ante neberik hizib sitasicheris yeneberew ?

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