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DireTube Exclusive - Gosaye Sings at Teddy Afro Wedding - Hilton Hotel

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Gosaye Sings at Teddy Afro Wedding - Hilton Hotel
DireTube Exclusive

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  • Martha Alemu Added Everybody taking about Teddy height that is not anyone of business come on guys or gay’s pleas do not posted about Teddy height leave him alone they’re sweetheart couple height is not there problem or here one thinking about there’re love life how care’s about height Teddy man you’re such a great boy and God bless u and... u r wife
  • Melkam Gabecha!!! Added He is not the only short guy from Ethiopia. Most Ethiopian Man & Women are short or average hight! So, why make a big deal about his hight? Anyways all you haters are short we all know that kkkkkk. Tede I wish you Melkam Gabecha God bless you!!!
  • Teddy fan Added hahah Teddy congrats. he was dream man for all ethiopian ladies, but too bad Alemeshet got him first. now sit back and watch the wedding videos
  • habesha Added what happened to the guys they are all shorter than the girls smh lol
  • dejene Added hoo tey God bless ur miragge
  • Amy Added Teddy Shorty :-) kkkkk
  • yeabsra Added happy wedding
  • Saba Added @ lisa, i am 200 % sure that you are amiche dude from Eritrea.believe me no Ethiopian girl talk sh*t about her Ethiopian brothers.i suspect u are frustrated by the fact that Eritrean girls hated their gay looking men and run after black guys and in the contrarily we Ethiopian girls prefer our own men and stays in our comfort zone.uff why don't this askari eritreans leave us alon
  • wey gud Added sirak kkkkkkkkkk you r mean kkkkk
  • RT Added One thing most Ethopian man are shorty!! lol. his wife is taller than him lol hehehehehehe. They look good those lol heheheh .. good luck

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