Breaking News - Police arrested Andualem Arage, Eskinder Nega and 3 other terror suspects


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Police arrested Medrek's Andualem Arage, Journalist Eskinder Nega and 3 other terror suspects
G7 Terror Suspects

Ethiopian News
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    In fact Eskinder is not the only gem of tattered Ethiopian modern day journalism, my favorite stalwarts of Addis Neger journalists, Dawit Kebede, Wubeshet Taye and of course Reyot Alemu are all creditable for their daring attempt in becoming alternative voices in Ethiopian media landscape. But Eskinder is a highly remarkable emblem for freedom of expression. In a time when many journalists not succeeded in enduring horrendous pressures from a range of interest groups, both financially and politically, Eskinder was something of a matchless: a well-behaved and top end professional who did not succumb to either exile and or silence.

  • lhulum gize alew

    Eskinder is a hero of a special kind. He is a hero who fights with nothing more than ideas and the truth. He slays falsehoods with the sword of truth. He chases bad ideas with good ones. Armed only with a pen, Eskinder fights despair with hope; fear with courage; anger with reason; arrogance with humility; ignorance with knowledge; intolerance with forbearance; oppression with perseverance; doubt with trust and cruelty with compassion. Above all, Eskinder speaks truth to power and to those who abuse, misuse, overuse and are corrupted by power.

    Yes, that is why We Are All Eskinder Nega

  • Mule

    Please these people are not terrorists.Hod siawk doro mata aihun chewataw.hulum neger yelj chewata meseleko.

  • zobel2020

    TPLF is lieing. 20 years dictatorshipe must end.we are sick and tired listening such TPLF theatre Enugh is Enugh!!!

  • ME

    Good job! Ethiopian Police!
    All we need is peace, do what ever u think is appropriate to protect our security. Like any nation in the world do to protect its citizens.
    Andualem Arage, Young but Idiot and defiant person. He is not politician and he could not be in the futer. coz he is not matured