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Big Brother Africa - Shout out to Ethiopia Big Brother The Chase

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Shout out to Ethiopia Big Brother The Chase
Big Brother Africa



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  • blackcoffee Added Good
  • ema Added ብርቅ ነው
  • Adane Abiyu Added የቤቲ ተግባር የኢትዮ .ባህል አይገልጽም ::ብሆንም የበቀል ተግባር ይመስላል::
  • gift Added bravo betty. but 4 z next time, shave u`r pussy
  • dawit tamrat Added wow you are very very hot ***
  • chuchu Added beti, beti, beti.. efuwaa so what she is a bitch do you know her back ground? probably she came from poor family. do you know how many girls in ethiopia sale there body for 5 birr? atlest she saling her body for $300,000. this low class girl she will do anything for money. she said she is a teacher? give me a break. she is representing ethiopia and Ethiopian women. I am embaressed for her action
  • ethiopie Added believe it or not she is Ethiopian. she said before she joined in she would be herself and that is what she did, being herself (a slut). we don't need to panic. we all do bad things. the problem with her is she has done it in public. pray for her!!
  • Ethio Women Bitches Added Breaking news: it is asserted that Betty is a daughter of a prostitute from unknown father. Even her mother don't know who is Betty's father. Betty grown up in Addis watching her mother pumped by different man everyday.
  • bidataam Added ብዳታም ልጅ ነሽ ወልፋም
  • Daniel Added በእዉነቱ ቤቲ የሰራችዉ አስነዋሪ ሥራ የሚያሳፍርም የሚያበሳጭም
    ነዉ ሆኖም ባለፈ ነገር ከመዘባበት ባሻገር ነገም ሌሎች ብዙ ቤቲዎች
    የአገራችንን ገጽታና የተከበረዉን ባህላችንን እንዳያጎድፉ ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ ሀላፊነቱን ሊወጣ ይገባል::

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