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Aynachen - Injustice in Asela City Administration on Land and Housing Issues

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Injustice in Asela City Administration on Land and Housing Issues



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  • Tafari Beyene Added wushet new kesira alabarernewum isu yesetew meglacaa yewushet new hizbu yiwoklin ETV yewushet tebabari honal izih programe lay
  • DAJANE Girma Added how can a man who struggle against corruption become deployed from his work 10 Q FOR OPDO. sorry ? OPDO can have answer for e-democracy in oromomia and Asella
  • ABU TIFO Added How can OPDO side with the Corruptors and Corruption rather than justice? since OPDO help corrupters in Asela town who is and will be stand for Asella town people? I am sorry with OPDO who silent in the issue of Asella now
  • Bulbula H/Mikael Added all audience would you know that ato Kebede Fayisa head of Micro and Small Enterprise Agency and member of a comitte to search for the reality behind a housing and shopping and a man who struggle against corruption on aynachin program here is demoted and deployed by the city adminstration three day later after the transmission of the program . where justice in Oromia and ethiopia?
  • Dhaba Added O I am glad finally someone exposed the corrupted Asela city admin. I was born in Asela, at moment I am living abroad . In 2008 I came to my country and beloved town to invest my wealth and contribute for the development my birth place Asela but because of the corrupt officials of Asela city Admin I was unsuccessful and land I requested to invest on still not given to me 5 years on! So sad!

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