Tsegaab Collects Cosmetics, Keeps Hospital Going Strong through Charity

Tsegaab Reduces Waste, Keeps Hospital Going Strong through Charity

(DireTube News, Addis Ababa) — Born in Ethiopia, raised and attended school in the United States of America, Tsegaab Asaminew, has done a remarkable charity—she collected and donated cosmetics and cleaning agents to the local most renowned Hamlin Fistula Hospital.

As there are many women who struggle to cope with life despite bear the brunt of huge health challenges, what Tsegaab did is an exemplary action that will embolden millions to follow her footsteps.

Such bold and creative charity deeds are the most powerful tools charity organizations in the country can lean on as they struggle for funding.

Tsegaab has been made it his mission to collect donated goods in Addis Ababa, sort through them and get them Fistula Hospital in need.

Her idea is wise. She looks for unused but not expired Shampoos, lotions and other cosmetics like soaps, in residential areas, businesses, hotels and different offices, where people can deposit reusable goods.

She has also been convincing peoples about the charity work she has been planning for long, and, fortunately, many have been in fond of the idea she comes up with.

“Lotion for Life” is her Facebook page and she tells everyone who is interested in the topic can like, join and see details on the page she created.

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